Malawi: Portrait of a Crisis for ABC NEWS

Over two years, subsequent crop failures in southern Africa has led to devastating food shortages, ravaging land and leaving almost 50 million people to survive on emergency food aid. Malawi is at the heart of this crisis, where poor irrigation planning and national strategic planning has left almost 40 percent of the population on the brink. We travelled to Chikwawa, in the country’s south, to report on the unfolding crisis for ABC News:

What remains of Richard Elias's 20,000 cotton plants are steely weeds and barren soil.

He picks dead leaves from the sallow trees, more from boredom than out of hope it will do any good.

He watched heartbroken as the rain stopped, and his plants withered and died.

For years, the father and his son, Chapepa, harvested the cotton together, earning around 200,000 Kwacha ($370) each year. Now he is penniless, and facing the most severe drought in living memory.

The Elias family are some of the 6.5 million Malawians who have little to eat and virtually no means to obtain it.

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